Silvia Gerzeli


is a professional working in fashion industry, cinema, advertising, television, body painting, performance, theatre and wedding 

Make UP Artist

About me



Most make-up artists begin to learn their art by working on themselves and on their friends. 
This wasn’t my path.
I’ve never used much make-up on myself and I’ve felt uncomfortable when I’ve been wearing a lot.
In my earliest childhood, I fell in love with colours and blends: I remember always drawing, and in those moments, I would lose myself in the activity and find a deep relaxation.
I began working with make-up because of an experience I had, a strange impulsive casual encounter… having seen an advert for a course in the application of make-up, I was compelled to take part, to follow an instinct, despite it never having crossed my mind before.
I was deeply impressed by the power of light and shadow, by the importance of a good base in making one photogenic and by the power of colours and blends to transform each and every woman into the star she dreams of being. 
When I start to work with a client, I want to understand who the woman I’m working with is, before understanding how the future bride would like to look on her wedding day.
I am able to give you a natural look, as well as a sophisticated red carpet look, but above all, I aim to have you looking at yourself in the mirror and seeing exactly what you had imagined for your special day.

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